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While there are many members of the cavy family, there is only one species of commonly kept cavy, otherwise known as Cavidae porcellus. These little furry creatures are apt to reach weights of up to 48 oz at adulthood, litter live, fully furred and open eyed babies, and make wonderful pets.

I keep only 6 of the 13 different breeds. For more information on the different breeds, please go to the ACBA website.

The breeds I have worked with are listed below. Please click on the breed of interest and it will take you that particular page.

Satin Peruvians!
Satin Silkies!
Satin Americans!
White Cresteds!

A new breed? Baldwins!

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There are several health and care pages I would like to share with you. Please click on the links below to find out more on how to take care of our cavies.

Bumblefoot in the cavy - a compilation of links and articles that describe what bumblefoot is, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. Did you know it can occur in raptors, chickens, rats, mice, cavies, rabbits and chinchillas?

How to wrap a longhaired cavy - This was written by a good friend, Susan Coates, with some excellent photographs on how to wrap a longhaired cavy, namely, the blue roan satin peruvian who won BOB at the 2000 ARBA Nationals, Blue Moon Minute Man.

How to determine if your sow is in season - This is an excellent demonstration of determining whether or not your sow is in season, or receptive to breeding.

How to determine gender of a newborn cavy - written by Crystal Cavies of the UK.

AVMA Pet Poison Guide - a link to ordering a guide for determining poisonous substances you may have round your home that could be detrimental to your cavy friends.

First Aid Kit for Cavies - Thinking of compiling a first aid kit for your cavies? This list should get you off to a great start.

Common antibiotics for use in cavies - This is an excellent article written by Dr. Valerie Blaes regarding commonnly used antibiotics in cavies, with dosages, common and alternate names, and which ailments they are most suitable for treating against.

Anatomy of the Cavy - this may help you understand the whole system of your cavy.

Help, either I'm Allergic to my Cavy, or somebody in my Family is! - how to diagnose what you are allergic to, and some wonderful ideas to help cut down on the allergens, possibly allowing you to keep your cavy. A great product to help relieve pet related allergens!

Why are probiotics a necessary follower to antibiotics? - some basic reasons why you should always correspond antibiotic usage with a probiotic.

Why Should I Feed Hay to my Cavy?"

Which plants are poisonous to our cavies?

List of Pet Health related websites - This page links several general, dog, cat, bird, fish and small animal websites regarding health, care, husbandry, and support pages. An excellent resource!!

Determining colour and breed of your cavy

A Holistic Approach to Behaviour and Housing - an article written by David Hardesty on behaviour in the herd.

Guinea pig nutrition - a guide to feeding fruits and veggies

Selective Inbreeding, How to Replace a Valuable Stud or Brood Sow

How to determine if you have a showable cavy

How to clip your cavies nails!

Help! My guinea pig is pregnant, what can I expect?

Should I breed my piggy?

Where do I go to find a piggy?

Help! I need a cavy vet!

Vitamin C and the cavy

Ivermectin and it's uses for cavies

My sow has a uterine infection! Help, my piggy is scratching!


Hair loss

My boar's sac is impacted, or My boar smells funny!

Barbering, or hair chewing in guinea pigs


Bite or other wounds, care and treatment

Caging for cavies!

Can I catch anything from my piggy or can he catch anything from me?


Cervical Lymphodectomitis


Ovarian cysts and cebacious cysts

Dental problems


Dietary needs and problems


Estrus and common problems

Eye injuries

Fatty eye, or Pea Eye Fractures

Proper handling of cavies

Heart problems

Heat stroke


Geriatric piggy and their care

Hind end paralysis

Protruding penis


Rabbits and Cavies, should they be together?

Respiratory aiilments


Skin problems

Strokes in cavies

Urinary tract problems

Looking for cavy collectables? Artwork? Fun online games? check out the following pages or links!

Muse Arts - Framable cartoon guinea pigs!
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