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Abys are one of those things you either love or do not like whatsoever. There really seems to be no in between. People either see them as energetic spunky little curious creatures or they are viewed as obnoxious demanding abrasive animals. No matter your view on abys, or satin abys, it doesn't take an expert to be able to fully appreciate a very well bred aby.

The bulk of the points of the show aby lies in the placement of the rosettes. The aby should have 2 shoulder rosettes, 4 saddle rosettes, 2 hip rosettes and 2 rump rosettes very evenly spaced on the animal and balanced over the backbone and from the front to the back. The hairs that radiate from the center of the rosette should create a 'ridge' that stands up between the rosettes, and is very straight, again front to back and from the side to the side, creating 'blocks' if you will, of rosettes. Some animals have rosettes on their faces too. The aby in general tends to have a longer appearance than some other breeds, and will be asked to move on the show table, a demand other breeds are not expected to exhibit. The aby is asked to run along the show table, and will exhibit how it's ridges stand up with the movement.

For photos of abys, and for more information, please visit Jahcqui Guardiola's pigs! Enjoy!

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