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Red Rock's Storm Warning

Coronets are one of the great cavy passions here in the Pacific Northwest. Most of us who started with the silkies and peruvians quickly became enamoured with the coronet.

Suzie was my first awesome coronet born, out of Schulz's Ladybug and PineLakeCavies Napolean, the main stud for my coronet line. This boar produced some phenomenonal offspring.

Suzie was sold to Megan Rygel of G&C Caviary in Auburn, WA, who then coated her out for show. Suzie did quite well on the table, and I am anxious to have one of her babies soon.

Pictured above is Storm Warning, a lovely tsw sow soon to be arriving from Red Rock caviary, in Ontario Canada from Heather Baskey, a great friend of mine. Heather the Red has done wonders to further the coronet lines, and was very influential in my love for beautiful coronets.

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RR's Blue Rondo, blue roan boar

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