City: Plano
Organization Name: Animal Guardians of America
Web Site:
Contact Person: Greg Thomisee
Contact Person E-mail:
Phone: 972.398.2123
Fax: 972.527.3815
Type of Animal: Dogs, Cats
Breed:  All
Description: The mission of Animal Guardians of America is to promote reverence, compassion and protection for all animals.
Founded in January 1999, Animal Guardians of America (AGA) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) educational organization offering support and information to the Dallas community on the issues of animal protection.
This worthy organization directs its efforts towards the prevention of cruelty to animals.  It involves itself in educating the public on animal matters by distributing literature and holding workshops; by writing letters and making telephone calls regarding animal issues; by answering calls for help with animal problems, and by bringing attention to incidents involving animal cruelty.
AGA does not have a shelter at this time but is able to provide comfort to rescued and abandoned animals by using a network of foster homes.  A lack of funding is the greatest inhibitor to accomplishing all that we can to diminish animal abuse and exploitation.  Your donations can make a difference in helping the animals.  Please call 972.398.2123 for more information.

City:     HAMILTON
Organization:     CTWI/Baraboo All Breed Dog Rescue
Organization Web Site:
Contact Person Name:     PC Hanes
Contact Person E-mail:
Phone:     254-372-3987
Fax:     254-372-3987  by pre-arrangement
Type or animal or breed rescued:     dogs - all breeds and mixed breeds
Description:     180 acre farm with 12 acres devoted to dog fencing, housing, feeding stations.  All dogs have indoor privileges.  All animals UTD on shots, tested for heartworm on  intake, vaccinated and wormed.  Monthly treatment for HW and parasites.  No animals released without adoption agreements, spay/neuter, home visit.

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