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Exotic pets, rodents and birds

Sugar Gliders!

Some great links for information, breeders, and history of the sugar gliders can be found below!

Bourbon's Sugarglider Info - A fantastic source of information!!!! Don't miss this site.

International Sugar Gliders Association - If you are serious about your gliders, you should think about joining....

Glider Information Network - Another great source of info, some cute pictures too!

GliderCentral - Really interesting facts about gliders!

GliderNet - This has some great links to personal glider-owner pages! Warning: Ultra cute ray sunglasses should be donned before going to these sites!

Hind Leg Paralysis in Gliders - a personal story of one amazing little glider, Gizmo, and a reminder to us all to watch calcium intake and UV lighting.

Is a Glider for you? - a great page to decide if a glider is truly the pet for you.

Out of Love Sugar Glider Rescue - if you live near Ohio, check her site out! She takes in unwanted gliders and finds them new loving FOREVER homes!

Sugar Gliders and Exotic Pets - lots of links for useful information! - a great site to share pictures, stories and links for glider lovers!

Ultimate Sugar Glider WebRing - Check it out for all kinds of pages on gliders!

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