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Exotic pets, rodents and birds


Rats, probably one of the most misunderstood common household pets today. Notice, I said pets, not pests. The majority of people, when thinking of rats, think immediately of the wild agouti coloured, outside pests that get into garbage, your boxes in the garage, and rip open bags of dog food in stores. The instictive reaction is one of fear, loathing and dislike. If you only knew how intelligent, how creative and how wonderfully sensitive these domestic cousins are, you would lose your fear of rats.

One of the first things people dislike is the tail. Most people see the nude tail and correlate it with snake's slithery body. While I can see the resemblance (long thin hairless being) I feel it is important to realize why the rat's tail is the way it is. The rat uses this tail in a prehensile fashion, as a fifth leg/hand to hold onto branches, ropes, bedding, food, for balance while they are running, as protective weaponry and also as a bonding mechanism. Watch two rats intertwine their tails, you get the idea.

Here's a good article about the effect of diet,specifically those rich in spinach and blueberries, both with high concentrations of antioxidents and on the learning capabilities of rats.

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