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Exotic pets, rodents and birds


This page is about my cherished Lipizzan mare, Raina. Below are a few pictures of her, more will be posted soon.

The most frequently asked question I have of her is "She's bay?? I thought Lipizzans were white?" The answer is very interesting. Yes, about 95% of today's Lipizzans begin to silver, anywhere from their first birthday all the way through their 10th. They're all born dark. Only about 4-5% of them them retain their baby colouring. Lipizzans used to be found in all colours, but royalty perferred the white horses, thinking it looked more regal. An interesting thing happened - after selecting for the silvering gene for years, a recessive trait became dominant! Now most of them are silvered. Raina's sire, who still lives in Vermont, is black, one of two black stallions in the U.S. She has a sister and a half sister who are also bay.

Here we are a working rising trot. She's well on the bit, reaching forward both with her hind and forelegs, and relaxed back. You'll notice that Lipizzans have a different physiology than the typical thoroughbred or warmblood - their neck is set on their shoulders at a much more upright angle, creating the "baroque" look. Many dressage instructors and judges prefer the more lengthened and straight topline. A shame that the forebringer of dressage to the modern world is now no longer competitive in it's own sport!

This is the first day we met. She's a little unsure of me, but welcoming! She never flares her cute nostrils any longer. And yes, she does have a long face!

A little sweaty after a workout, she's twitching her lips in anticipation of an apple cookie. She's quite easy to bribe!

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