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Exotic pets, rodents and birds

Quaker Parrots!

I honestly do not remember life before a quaker parrot came into it. I was working in a pet store (a very reputable one) and we received 2 baby birds, a quaker and a jenday conure to handfeed. I was one of two people there taught to handfeed, so I undertook the handfeeding of the two diligently. It wasn't until that sweet little quaker was about to be available for sale that I realized I couldn't bear the thought of her going home with somebody else. I actually told people that she wasn't for sale, and put a deposit on her. Two weeks later, Quacker the Roo Duck came to live with me!

More photos and info to follow, but for some really excellent quaker info, please visit Quakerville today!

Great recipe for 7 layer salad even for finicky eaters!

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