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Medicine for Ear Mites

From Misty Corton of South Africa:
My vet gave me this recipe for ear drops that work for infections and ear mites/fungal infections. Thought some of you might be interested:

10ml Gentamycin (antibiotic)
20ml Kortico (anti-inflammatory)
30mg any sulphur drug (antibiotic)
15ml sterile water
0.2ml Triatrix (Amitraz) (parasite killer)
35ml Surfactol (anionic surface active agent)
2ml Imaverol (kills fungus)
20ml Lignocaine (local anesthetic)
He reckons it works out much cheaper than buying ready made preparations like Surolan, Oridermyl etc. I have proved it works well as the dog I adopted off death row had ear mites and he gave me this mix to use, it cleared in no time! It is expensive for an individual to make up but I thought some of your vets might be interested. Sorry to go OT. Bracket comments are for newbies to understand not your vet! Still helps animals:)

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