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Exotic pets, rodents and birds


How can anybody resist these adorable, petulant bundles of fluff???

I have recently started with chinchillas, having acquired my first one at the NorthWest Exotic Captive Breeders Expo in Puyallup, WA last October. His name is Sebastian, he's a standard grey. Well of course, you know, you can't have just one.....

I got him a girlfriend, but as it turns out, Sabrina was already pregnant! On February 29, 2000, we came home to 2 baby girls! One little girl failed to thrive and she passed away after 2 weeks, but Sasha continued to grow and is doing great.

This is Sasha at 8 weeks, April 27, 2000. Photo by Megan Rygel.

I then fell in love with a little white mosaic, dad is a violet and mom is a mosaic. Sadie came to live with us in April.

Shadow is another female who will be arriving in about a week from Alison Brendel, Pullman, WA.

The beige male in the back is Torg, he's coming from Dawn Arbuckle of Ephrata, WA. Also from Dawn is Spaz and Storm, photos coming soon.