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Exotic pets, rodents and birds

Adopt a piggie!

Take home a special piggie!
We want our piggies to go to good homes. Piggies make absolutely great pets, but they do require love, attention, and daily care. We ask a $15 adoption fee per pig. We live in Seattle, WA.
If you have zero piggies right now and are looking for one, I would also encourage you to consider two. Piggies are very social animals and like each other's company. We only adopt out to "single piggie households" under very rare circumstances. Also, when you do adopt two cavies, we ensure that they are of the same gender, to prevent unplanned litters down the road.
To help me help you, I need the online adoption application filled out to the best of your ability. Please finish reading the rest of this page before proceeding to the application. Also, if you are under 18, please have your parents complete the application. 

Online Adoption Application

If you have troubles with the Online Adoption Application, please download this Word Document version of it. Please fill it out and email it as an attachment to
Preliminaries for Adoption from Companion Animal Care Services:

* Guinea pigs may NOT be adopted as gifts (i.e., Christmas, Birthdays, etc.).
* Guinea pigs must be caged when not under supervision.
* You need to provide the guinea pig with a large enough cage. Our standards are very high in this matter, and we do not compromise. Please talk to us BEFORE you buy a cage at a pet store. We are happy to provide you with a cage, or help you construct your own. It is very easy and much less expensive than a pet store cage. And there is an added bonus--these cages are easy to personalize!
* We do NOT adopt out guinea pigs to children.  We DO adopt out to families.
* The cage should not be located in a child's bedroom. For our reasons on this, please read this document Why Cages Should Not Be in a Child's Bedroom.

You will be required to complete and sign our two page Adoption Contract at the time of adoption. You may want to read it over first. Please note that Companion Animal Care Services may visit your home to ensure the adoption is a good match, to say hi to the piggie/s and answer any questions and provide tips and techniques if needed or asked. Companion Animal Care Services may prefer to deliver the selected guinea pig/s to your home after you and CACS have selected your new guinea pig and reserves the right to do so. A typical "post adoption" exercise is education on the "clipping of toenails" and finer points of discussion on cavy care and supplies.
While some of these requirements may seem stringent or tough, they are solely for the happiness and welfare of the animal. Not only that, every single line item is born out of a bad experience, a lie, a death, etc. In addition, Companion Animal Care Services works very hard in a variety of ways to try to stop the cycle of uneducated pet store sales of animals, dumping of animals at shelters, etc. Please help us in this effort.
Thank you.
Note: All forms may be reused and printed. My actual documents are little cleaner, I use word tables for the data entry sections. If you'd like a word version, please email me and I will send them to you.
When you come to CACS to adopt a piggie, I sometimes have extra supplies available which I have purchased at retail at my local pet stores. To help you figure out where to get supplies and help us get reimbursed properly, I've created a little spreadsheet of typical supplies. 
Should you want to surrender a guinea pig to CACS and we have the room and the means and agree to take it, you will be required to complete our Guinea Pig Release Form.

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