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Exotic pets, rodents and birds

How do I Find a Cavy Companion?

by Kirstin Key of Companion Animal Care Services, Copyright 2001


Although primarily dogs and cats are relinquished at county and city shelters, often times they do get in rabbits, birds and other small animals. It's a good idea to check up on this, since many animals relinquished by their owners might not have the option of finding a good home, and are euthanized instead. Animals are relinquished for many reasons, the first and foremost reason is that the children in the home become tired of them and the parents do not wish to take over the responsibility of caring for the piggy. Now, how do you go about finding a piggy from a shelter or a rescue?

How do you go about finding a piggy from a rescue or a shelter? You can access any of the following url's for more information:

Pet Rescue Net
Rescue Organizations listed by State
in Alphabetical Order
Latest Update: 7/2001

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