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Exotic pets, rodents and birds

What is a TSW Coronet?

RR Storm Warning

This is Red Rock's Storm Warning, due to arrive at our home in mid-May 2001. She is from Heather Baskey from Ontario Canada. She is a TSW coronet sow shown in full show coat. You will notice her full rosette on her forehead, causing her hair to flow back over her shoulders in a full mane, and slight 'horns' over her eyes. A full crest, to radiate from a pin point center, is what the coronet is.
The bulk of the points for a coronet lies in the density, texture and evenness of the coat length. She should have a full coat, the more hairs per square inch the better. Her coat should be wrapped daily, and combed to remove slight tangles. She should exhibit very fine texture to her hair, as well as an even growth. This can be seen in two different ways, both in evenness in length of coat as well as evenness in fullness (ie - no thinner portions of the coat than others). Her coat length should reflect her age, a younger sow should have a coat length proportional to her body weight. An older sow should be shown in full coat, not trimmed for breeding.

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