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Exotic pets, rodents and birds


I started in cavies with a simple broken red and white american, named Penelope. After a while, the nickname of Peeper-Squeaker kind of stuck. I found out after a few months that the original female I had purchased at the local PetCo (each time I tried to buy an animal from them the sales person either had no information on the particular animal or mis-sexed it) turned out inexplicably grew odd looking genetalia for a female. So the name of Peeper Squeaker, Esq. Sir was developed, and it stuck for 5 years, until my Peep finally died of older age and what I believe to be a feed related issue.

Since then, I have gotten into mostly broken coloured or tsw (tortoiseshell and white) americans. The animal pictured in the 1996-2000 ARBA Standard of Perfection book on page 213 under tsw americans is a boar named Checkmate owned and bred by a friend of mine named Sheryl Newland. My goal is to propogate and continue Checkmate's legacy, as well as an outstanding rainbow boar owned by Stephanie Flowers named Napolean. Both boars exhibited incredible markings and distribution. By interbreeding these lines, I have had some great babies!

I also have a few solid golden, solid silver and black animals, but do not do much breeding in these fields.

Please click on the variety below to take you to the pages where you can find photos!
Black Americans!
Solid Silver Americans!
Solid Golden Americans!
Broken Americans!
TSW Americans!
Satin Americans! I just have a lovely red boar from Marina Bhamra of Kent, WA, but I adore him!

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