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After the wrap is finish, I gently lift it up to determine that it's not too tightly bound, that no hairs are pulling and that it doesn’t flop about unnecessarily. This takes some practice to really get a feel for it. After I'm satisfied that it won't pull, I go to the next wrap by parting the coat, and combing that out smoothly. Kirstin Key 2002.


Lacey's being so good! After combing out that section, I complete the same steps outlined above in the rear sweep wrap, see where my right thumb is? I'm holding that wrap firmly in place, holding all the hairs under my thumb while I fold and tighten that paper towel around it. Lukc Campbell, 2002.


Notice how high up I'm placing these wraps, I don't want her dragging them around in the bedding and soiling the wraps or the hair. I also want them high enough up so she doesn't get her foot caught in them (some pigs are ticklish and will kick out these side wraps if a single hair is being pulled or if they are so ticklish they cannot stand being wrapped). Luke Campbell, 2002.